What document forms do you accept?


Sharp Editorial requires Microsoft Word documents. For your convenience, and in an effort to remain on the same page (no pun intended), your edited work will be noted with the track-changes feature. Unless discussed prior to the start of services, no other document forms will be accepted. 

Are other editors affiliated or under contract with Sharp Editorial?


No. Laci Swann, edits, develops, and creates each manuscript, resume, and client-submitted document. Work is not subcontracted. Privacy is of the utmost importance. Your manuscript remains in the hands of one person and is not discussed outside of the company.

What is the average turnaround time?


Sharp Editorial negotiates return dates based on book length and the author's deadline goals. As expected, shorter documents have shorter lead times and longer documents require more time. Nevertheless, Laci is committed to reaching your intended release date. Regarding resumes, CVs, and cover letters, once payment is received, your document will be completed within three days. The turnaround time for blog entries is typically 24 hours. 

Do I have to hire an editor for my book or can I utilize spell check and a friend's eye?

A skilled, experienced editor is a must for every creator. In fact, even the CEO of Sharp Editorial has an editor for her book-writing ventures. If you plan to submit your manuscript to a publisher or take the self-publishing route, you should rid your document of all errors before final submission, and hiring an editor is the most effective way to perfect a manuscript. You only have one opportunity to make a first impression. If you plan to self-publish, your book must favorably compare with commercially-published books, all of which have gone through extensive edits. Rather than putting your work at risk, hire an editor to position your manuscript for success.

When is payment due?


For book-related services, 50% of the total invoice is due before the start of services. After the final edit is made, a final invoice will be sent, and payment must be made before the manuscript is released. For coaching, consulting, resume and blogging services, the total is due before the start of services. 

Are clients charged any fees outside of editorial costs?


No. Sharp Editorial does not charge royalties or hidden fees. Manuscripts may differ in price, depending on length and service needed, and the cost of your document will be clearly communicated prior to services as well as stated in our client-editor contract.

How can I become a book client?

Please email your manuscript to Sharp Editorial. You will receive a response by the close of business. Upon receipt of your manuscript, Laci will determine the most suitable service for your document (ghostwriting, developmental editing, or proofreading). From there, you will receive a price quote, and we will also establish your intended due date. Upon agreement, a contract will be created to outline the cost, services  provided, and privacy expectations. 

If we've never met, how will my voice shine through the ghostwriting process?

Laci's empathetic nature and unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life is a winning combination, coupled with on-going, stellar communication, ultimately creating an ideal body of work for every client. Continual, open dialogue minimizes misunderstandings, develops awareness of client’s desires, dislikes, and ideas, and builds trust between both parties. Additionally, Laci is extremely patient, able to effectively collaborate, and skilled with putting ideas and experiences into words. As much as your future and reputation are at stake with your manuscript, Sharp Editorial's reputation is on the line as well. Therefore, there is a shared goal at hand – success!