Client Successes


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Maya Angelou 

Co-founder – Tailored Rebels

I contacted Laci for content assistance with the “about” section of my small business website. She was more than willing to take on the task. Laci was very honest and her turnaround time was incredible. Nothing stood in the way of her timeliness or professionalism. I loved working with Laci! She was professional and quite witty, which is appreciated when you're challenged wearing multiple hats running a small business. She took the time to ask questions for a clear understanding of my request, and the end result was exactly what I wanted! Thank you, Laci! 

- Toni Langhorne 

Published Author – “Misguided by Love, Redirected by Faith – My Journey to Freedom”

Laci Swann is the BEST editor you could hope for, as weeding out typos, grammatical errors, and clunky writing is just a small portion of the real value of her work. She provides the editorial attention every writer dreams of – technically, masterfully, creatively attuned, and fully committed to making your book the best it can be! She will challenge every flaw and inconsistency in your story to ensure nothing comes in the way of your reader’s experience while simultaneously remaining true to your vision and tone. Her keen eye allowed me to significantly improve clarity and readability as well as making me a better writer through the process! Because she cared about every detail of my writing, Laci transformed my work into a world-class book that has reached people all over the world! I benefitted significantly from her services, and there is no doubt that my book became better due to her editorial skills! Bottom line – Laci Swann will improve your book and make you a better writer. I highly recommend her services, as I will continue to use her for all of my writing needs! If you have the opportunity to work with Laci, consider yourself blessed! 

- Ericka Ellis

Published Author – “Positioned for Royalty”

That's a wrap! After the experience of working with Laci Swann, I now have a new standard. Laci is a real treasure. Her editing style is not only helpful but educational. Her detailed insights and thorough explanations were insightful. What I love most is that she doesn’t sacrifice the integrity of your work but adds another dimension often not seen by the author. She responds promptly and quickly to emails. She is professional, extremely competent, and a blessing to work with. It would be a mistake to work with anyone else! I recommend her without question. I’m now spoiled, and you will be, too!

- Aisha Curry

Published Author – “Finding Your Brave”

Laci is the type of editor who understands the needs of her clients. She handles incomplete sentences with care as she guides the writer through the maze of unfinished prose. She was able to provide my manuscript with sound guidance which was critical to the completion of my work. I highly recommend the services of Sharp Editorial!

- Earlina Green

Founder – Bibles & Basketball NPO

Laci has been an incredible asset to Bibles & Basketball! She has written for our organization in numerous different roles, but her most significant work is the devotional for the group’s monthly newsletter. Every single month, the devotional is phenomenal! Well-written, incredibly engaging, and helping each member evaluate where their relationship with God. I’m forever grateful for Laci, her gift with words, and how she continues to inspire and uplift so many!

- Megan Campbell De Thaey

WNBA Athlete, Philanthropist, and Blogger

What I love about Laci and Sharp Editorial is that no job is too small. She gathered quotes from various interviews and helped develop content for my website. Laci is always so professional, offering kind, constructive criticism when providing feedback. Not only is she a great friend of mine, but she's also an intelligent resource I constantly look to for assistance and advice. If you are looking for someone smart, professional, affordable, diverse, and timely, look no further than Sharp Editorial!

- Alysha Clark