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As a self-proclaimed logophile with two language- and publishing-related master's degrees, Laci Swann created Sharp Editorial to assist clients with all of their editorial needs. From small businesses to corporations, think of Sharp Editorial (SE) as your on-call editorial branch, available whenever you need services. Professors, administration, teachers, and students, leave your dissertation, essays, lesson plans, and project editing with Sharp Editorial, too! SE certainly has not forgotten about authors, web designers, bloggers, or anyone with the desire to pick up a pen; Sharp Editorial will help clients gear up for publishing their work by producing clean and accurate manuscripts while facilitating clarity and readability with editing services true to client voice, character, and tone. Regardless of personal or professional goals, quality matters!

About Laci

Through Sharp Editorial, Laci Swann has ghostwritten, developed, and edited several titles including Pink Lies in Paris by Haley Todd Kitts, Most Valuable Mom by Beata Widding Watson, Misguided by Love, Redirected by Faith by Ericka Ellis, Positioned for Royalty by Aisha Curry, and several other captivating nonfiction and fiction manuscripts.

Currently, Sharp Editorial is focused on independently writing for authors at the expert and novice levels as well as blog writing, fashioning resumes, proofreading academic manuscripts, and developing website content. In 2016, Swann released her first book within the "Sloan Saves the Day" children's book series, Sharing is Caring. With this anthology, and all upcoming anthologies within the series, lessons fostering acceptance, love, and learning run rampant through its diverse, multi-cultural characters.

“Not a wasted word. This has been a main point to my literary thinking all of my life.”

Hunter S. Thompson.

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