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What document formats do you accept?

Sharp Editorial (SE) requires Microsoft Word documents so your edited work can be noted with the track-changes feature. If you created your manuscript using another format, and would like to know if the same format can be used, please contact

Will my personal information and manuscript be protected from theft?

Absolutely. Author and client privacy is of the utmost important, therefore, the SE website has SSL Certification ensuring all sensitive data is secured by SSL encryption. Additionally, the client and I will sign a confidentiality agreement prior to the start of editorial services. This agreement guarantees I cannot, under any circumstance, share client information and documents.


As a self-proclaimed logophile with two language- and publishing-related master's degrees, Laci Swann created Sharp Editorial to assist clients with all of their editorial needs.

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Is hiring an editor for my manuscript necessary?

Definitely. If you plan to submit your manuscript to a publisher, you should rid your document of all possible errors prior to turning over your work, and a book editor is the most effective way to do so. You only have one opportunity to make a first impression. Or, if you plan to self-publish, you will want your book to favorably compare with commercially published books, all of which have gone through extensive edits. Rather than putting your work at risk, an editor will rid your manuscript of mistakes prior to publication.

Are other editors affiliated or under contract with Sharp Editorial?

Absolutely not. I personally edit every word of every manuscript. Work is not subcontracted to anyone else. 

How do I get started with submitting my manuscript to Sharp Editorial?

Contact Sharp Editorial with a brief synopsis of your manuscript. If your work aligns within my areas of expertise, I will request your complete manuscript to begin the services of your choice. No matter what services are needed, the first step is to contact SE at and briefly explain what services you are requesting. You will receive a reply no later than COB. 

Does Sharp Editorial accept all manuscripts and client requests?

In order to maintain consistency and quality, I only accept documents aligning with my expertise.  Furthermore, I prefer to work with clients aiming to improve their craft with intentions on developing their manuscript into the best it can be. Your success is a direct reflection of my abilities, therefore, an unwillingness to succeed or accept constructive criticism will not only put your work at a disadvantage but my company, too. 

What is ghostwriting?

A ghostwriter, or ghost, assists in the writing process of your manuscript – adding content, rewriting existing content, and making your document print-ready. While an editor will make grammatical and punctuation changes, deeper, contextual issues will require sentence reconstruction, which is the work of a ghostwriter. Ghostwriting duties range far beyond a standard book edit; In fact, ghostwriting is more than adding content and rewriting existing content, too; a ghostwriter also evaluates the focus of your document, builds a more cohesive rhetoric, and develops plot and characterization, if need be. The “ghost” is expected to write on any topic ranging from travel to marketing to fiction to non-fiction; therefore, research is often necessary on behalf of the ghostwriter.

If I’ve never met you, how will you understand my voice for the ghostwriting process?

Communication – remaining committed to clear and direct communication from start to finish. Constant, honest communication minimizes misunderstandings, develops awareness of the client’s desires, dislikes, preferences, and ideas, and builds trust between both parties. Read the testimonial page to gain insight from former and present clients. They were once in your position and now have the utmost faith and confidence in Sharp Editorial. Furthermore, my interest in your success is highly self-motivating. I’m patient, able to collaborate effectively, and skilled in putting ideas and experience into words. As much as your future and reputation are at stake with your manuscript, mine are as well! Therefore, we have the same goal in mind – success! 

What methods of payment do you accept?

For your convenience, Sharp Editorial accepts PayPal and debit/credit card payments (processed by PayPal). Note: Sharp Editorial is available to assist with all of your editing, writing, and polishing needs, regardless of manuscript size.

When is payment due?

For manuscript-related services, 50% of your total invoice will be due prior to beginning the editorial process. After completing the edited work on your document, you will be emailed a final invoice detailing completed services, the remainder due, and instructions on how to make the rest of your payment via PayPal. Upon receipt of payment, you will immediately receive your edited manuscript in Word format.

What is the document turnaround time?

Sharp Editorial negotiates material return dates based on the length of document and writer deadline goals. Your work is obviously important to you and how anxious you may be to move past the editorial process is understandable; however, as you might expect, shorter documents have shorter lead times and longer documents will take more time to edit. I am a full-time editor, working seven days a week and most holidays; therefore, a book-length edit may only take a few days!