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Sharp Editorial provides blogging services for individuals and companies looking to commit to short-term or long-term blogging strategies, including title/theme brainstorming, blog writing, and publishing on your blog, too. SE devises unique content, optimized for your ideal audience, positioning you as an expert through targeted writing and researched blog entries.  

Bloggers, did you know regularly blogging on your personal or business website is more likely to attract new visitors? Every post is a chance to promote and further invest in your brand. Unless deleted, a blog entry remains on your website forever, and typically attracts more traffic over time. Increased traffic leads to more subscribers and more sales. Attract your target readers and customers through regularly posting. On a time crunch? Allow Sharp Editorial to maintain your brand's consistency and manage your blog with ease!


Core Editing (Proofreading)

A word-by-word edit; addresses grammar usage, consistency, and style. Checks margins, word spacing, repetitive word breaks, and so on; corrects misspellings, typos, mislabeling, subject-verb disagreement, and word usage (such as the use of there for their), consistent typography, and consistent writing style; adds punctation to define a restrictive clause only if the change will improve fluidity. Core editing does not tamper with word choice or content development. 

Developmental Editing

An intensive editing process which focuses on the flow of ideas, tone, style, transitions, vocabulary, inconsistencies, sentence construction, and development. Developmental editing includes consultation before the writing and editing process begins. Developmental editing helps plan the organization of the manuscript, and other aspects of the work, prior to publication. Duties include suggesting textual changes to better fit the format and communicate the document’s message, rewriting text to improve flow, ensuring consistent headline structure, and deleting outdated, wordy, or detrimental content not contributing to the desired tone or focus of the document. While many editorial companies offer developmental editing, they outsource your document for proofreading, usually not included in the developmental editing step. Sharp Editorial, however, most certainly proofreads and completes developmental editing together. You work’s content will certainly improve through high-level stylistic considerations and infusing specialized attention beyond grammar and spelling.

Content Development

Do you have marketing materials, a newsletter, or website but have yet to create content for it? Content which reflects your intended message, image, and style? Sharp Editorial will develop content based on client needs and wants. Or, if you have existing content, SE will proofread with a fine tooth comb and develop your subject, too. 


I will work with you to create a book, or other written product, capturing your ideas, existing content, and voice. When a client initially contacts SE, I will ask questions about content, desired length, format, and any materials the author can provide (such as drafts or outlines) to get a solid idea about the voice behind the intended manuscript. If you agree to pursue services, an invoice will be created, and a down payment will be required prior to beginning. Note – I do not claim any rights, royalties, or payments beyond the invoiced fee. For the client’s convenience and comfort, I will write a sample chapter, or portion of your desired document, to ensure I have captured intended purpose and tone. Then, I will share my written portion with the client for approval before writing the remainder of the piece. I prefer to have a strong sense of the entire document before moving forward in the writing process, and usually, the best end product is a result of our collaborative efforts. Ghostwriting fees include proofreading and developmental editing services. If you lack experience, writing skills, time, or full knowledge on a particular topic, hiring a ghostwriter would be highly beneficial.

Resume Writing

Sharp Editorial will assist you in landing your dream job! SE’s expertise at conveying your accomplishments and skill strengths and how they relate to your professional responsibilities in your chosen industry will certainly make an impression on any hiring manager. Sharp Editorial’s resume writing strategy entails a number of methods in creating, developing, and enhancing any given resume with quality content and industry buzz keywords sure to catch the attention of HR managers and recruiters. 

Speech Writing

Whether you need a speech for personal or professional reasons, Sharp Editorial will devise the perfect transcript based on your intended audience, vision, and personality. A birthday, farewell, wedding, tribute, an acceptance, thank you, introduction, welcome speech, or any occasion in between, Sharp Editorial will relieve your stress and craft a custom speech tailored precisely for your needs. Or, if you already started writing a speech, SE will review what you have done, edit it, and finish your address, too.

“If you find yourself asking yourself (and your friends), ‘Am I really a writer? Am I really an artist?’ chances are you are. The counterfeit innovator is wildly self-confident. The real one is scared to death.”

Steven Pressfield

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